Dr Thomas Butler

Dr Tom Butler

We are very pleased to introduce Dr Tom Butler, consultant cardiologist with experience with echocardiography and invasive coronary angiography.  Tom spent the first 10 year of his life on the Sunshine Coast and is very happy to return after many years in Brisbane. He is keen to offer evidence based, personalised care to his patients and has commenced at Sunshine Coast Heart Specialist in July 2020.

Tom completed advanced training in cardiology in 2013.   Subsequently, he went on to complete an echocardiography fellowship in 2014 at The Prince Charles Hospital, developing expertise in 3-D imaging as well as stress echo and trans-oesphageal echocardiography.  

In 2016, Tom spent 12 months as an interventional cardiology fellow at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.    During this time, he performed coronary angioplasty and diagnostic angiography. He was also responsible for the St Vincent’s Hospital lipid clinic in 2016 and has experience in primary and secondary prevention strategies in patients who are at high risk of cardiac and vascular events.

He has experience managing patients with hypertension, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathies, valvular heart disease and lipid disorders.