Schedule Of Fees

Outpatient Fees (non-hospital)

At the time of booking your outpatient consultation or test, SCHS Medical Receptionists will inform you of the cost and the Medicare rebate you will receive.  As you are aware outpatient consultations & tests are not covered by Private Health, therefore the patient is likely to pay an out-of-pocket expense.

To assist you with funding your outpatient fees when you visit our practices, we are able to process an online Medicare claim at the time of payment.  Medicare will then refund you the rebate component either directly into your bank account, if they have it on record, or you will need to attend at a Medicare office for your rebate.

Payment methods

We accept credit card, cheque or cash and provide EFTPOS facilities.  We ask patients to settle accounts in full on the day of consultation.

Inpatient Fees (in-hospital)

Our Cardiologists are NO-GAP DOCTORS which means your inpatient procedures will be covered by your private health fund and Medicare, you will not be charged an out-of-pocket expense.

For your information, private health fund claiming is only available for inpatient services linked to a hospital stay as a private patient in a private or public hospital.  It is always a good idea to contact your private health fund to ensure you are covered for Cardiac services.  If you are fully covered for the procedure, your private health fund and Medicare will cover our fees.  SCHS Cardiologists do not charge an out-of-pocket fee for in-hospital procedures.

Please contact our Medical Reception staff if you have any questions on 07 5414 1100.