Your Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights as a patient of the Sunshine Coast Heart Specialists

We respect your right to:

  • Personal dignity and to be treated with care and consideration
  • Privacy and for communication and records to be treated confidentially
  • A clear explanation by your cardiologist of your illness, procedure, treatment and risks involved so you are able to give informed consent
  • To be educated about continuing health care following treatment
  • Receive an explanation of possible costs involved in your treatment
  • Refuse treatment at any time.
  • Make a formal complaint if you are unhappy with your treatment at any time.

Your responsibilities as a patient of The Sunshine Coast Heart Specialists

You have a responsibility to:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about your current symptoms, medications, and past illnesses as requested by your cardiologist
  • Indicate if you do not understand any aspects of your proposed treatment, expected outcomes, or risks involved.
  • Follow recommendations and treatment plans made by your cardiologist
  • Notify this office if you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment
  • Bring with you a full list of current medications each time you attend for treatment
  • Bring a referral from your GP, if required.